Do the Headstand with the wall

In this #StayOhm clip, Wendy is guiding on how to get up to a headstand with the help of the wall.

There are many things to take note of when you're trying to get up into a headstand, that it may sometimes feel a little overwhelming. The 3 most important things which you may wish to be aware of are:

  • A strong base formed with your forearms and head. The base should resemble a triangle with the 3 key points being your two elbows and your head. Do not place the elbows too wide or too narrow. They should be about shoulder-width apart.
  • Always ensure that your shoulders are away from your ears. Push with your forearms on the mat to lift your shoulders up.
  • Fully engage your core by squeezing your belly which will help to make your body feel lighter as you are going up.

Watch the IGTV clip for more tips:


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