Save Our Lives on Our Planet


If you've watched David Attenborough's A Life on Our Planet, you would have seen how within a mere century, we humans have destroyed this planet which we call home. The statistics are alarming and cannot and should not be ignored. Our world population has grown to 7.8 billion today, carbon emissions had increased to 415 parts per million and there's only 35% of wilderness left on the planet. Less than a hundred years ago, the population was only 2.3 billion, carbon emissions were at 280 parts per million, wilderness remaining was at 66%. That's a staggering 30% of change in carbon rise and wilderness decline caused by human growth of 240%. It is estimated that by 2100, the world population is expected to increase to 11 billion. Can you imagine how much more carbon will be let into the atmosphere and how much less of the wilderness will be left? Or will there even be any wilderness remaining by then?

"We already know many of the solutions – we just need the will to act. It’s only when we have a shared understanding of the problems we face, and the solutions available, that enough change will happen. The biggest way we can make a difference is to put nature at the heart of our decisions. In every moment of every day, there’s a choice to be made. If we all make our choices with nature in mind, then together we’ll find a way to live in balance with the natural word. After all, we are nature, and we need it to survive." - David Attenborough

We need to take action now to help nature in the world flourish again. Small steps from each and every one of us can make all the difference.

At OHMfinity, we would love to tell you that we are all eco-friendly and do zero wastage, but the reality is that we are just a small outfit trying to survive economically, and we do not have the resources to perform major environmental processes. Notwithstanding, we do play our part and have taken as many small steps as possible towards making our processes more environmental friendly. Here are some of the things which we are currently practising and moving towards:

  • Paperless invoicing - Unless requested, we do not include paper invoices with your order when we ship it to you. In fact, we try to minimize paper printing for anything that's unnecessary.
  • Optimized plastic packaging - We try to optimize the plastic packaging of the OHMwear to reduce the use of multiple plastic packages for an order. Unless requested, we will pack as many pieces of OHMwear into as few plastic packages as possible.
  • Removal of labels - We are slowly doing away with tag and size care labels. Tag labels are the card labels with our brand printed on and tagged onto the apparel, while size care labels are usually the satin-woven labels attached to the apparel. We will be printing our brand and size care details directly on the apparel, so that we reduce wastage of the card, satin-woven labels and plastic tags. These labels will be phased out gradually.
  • Bio-degradable shipment flyers - We will be replacing the current plastic shipment flyers with bio-degradable flyers in due course.

We are continuously finding ways to do more as well. If you have any simple ideas you wish to share with us, please do, we are all ears. :)

As a consumer, what have you been doing to make your life more environmental friendly and sustainable? Do you reuse the plastic bags that you get from online shopping? Do you perform recycling practices? Are you on a plant-based diet?

Well, if you haven't watched A Life on Our Planet, it is highly recommended, and perhaps we will all start reconsidering our daily routines and the way we live, and put nature at the forefront of our decisions.